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Among the drawbacks to using iOS is that it only supports limited video types for playback. There’s lots of tools available for Mac OS X allowing you to convert data to a format that iOS will play. Although many give a plethora of options and possess a high learning curve. That’s where iConvert will come in — simply drag and drop data into the iphone app and it will the rest for you.Apple® Support

You will discover two different versions of iConvert — the standard version which is free, and the HD version for $6.99. The free version only converts one record at a time to standard definition. The paid version will convert high definition, and you could queue up several files to be transformed.

To work with it, simply launch the applying and drag a video record you want to convert into the application window.

  1. Next select what iOS device you want to play the file with.
  2. By default, the document will be put into an “iConvert” folder created in your Movies file. You can change this by opting for Choices in the menu tavern.
  3. Before hitting the Convert button, you can also check the Send to iTunes box to have the converted file added to iTunes for syncing with your device.
  4. Even though, one great option is it enables you to grab the audio tracks from an online video file. This is nice if you need to listen to the music of a video while driving or jogging.
  5. When the transforming process finishes, it provides the option to send it to iTunes here too.

The paid version is an totally individual software with a different user interface, and it provides more options. The iConvert HD version allows you modify the caliber of the picture by using a slider. In addition, it lets you add multiple files for conversion at once. Both interfaces are pretty good, also it would make converting online video files fun. Without having a bunch of settings to tinker with is a plus if you just need to quickly get a file converted.Contact Apple Support Number

Although it technically does what it advertises, there are a variety of things about this software that leave me scratch my head. The HIGH DEFINITION version is not automatically better atlanta divorce attorneys way. First of all of all, it does not necessarily allow you to convert to basic “mp4” for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Instead, you can convert to regular, HIGH DEFINITION, or audio tracks only for every single separate device nevertheless the data file would only be appropriate for that device. It would be nice if there was a general setting up to convert the online video so that it would work on all devices.

iConvert high definition has an everyday price of $6.99… but at the time of this writing the HD version priced at $5.99 for a limited time.

Yet another thing that’s disappointing is the standard of the video that comes out of this, especially the HD version of the app. During my testing, converting HD videos wasn’t as good as other utilities like HandBrake. Yes, it files may have been in HD, but were riddled with artifacts and blocking. Any kind of movement in the online video showed evident pixelation. The free version of the iphone app actually did an improved job with conversion, other than of course it only can come to be standard definition.

If you do consider downloading this app, I like to recommend sticking with the free version. Certainly not only is it free, but its interface is much easier to use as well as online video conversion is better than its $6.99 HIGH-DEFINITION counterpart. It also has the option to end result to a general ‘mp4’ file, something the HIGH DEFINITION version lacks (although We didn’t see any big difference between the ‘iPhone’ and ‘mp4’ setting — it seems that the sole thing different about them is the name).

More importantly, I actually wouldn’t recommend either version of the software over my favorite video conversion program – HandBrake. I do not think it’s necessary any more to encode separate variations for each and every device you utilize. Handbrake’s “normal” setting will continue to work across all iOS devices, and it even preserves the high definition quality observing on a New apple ipad tablet or Macs with Retina Displays. It may be a more cumbersome program to use, but the end results are what you’ll be seeing most. And with Handbrake, the end result is much higher quality.

There’s a version for Windows systems too. However the Expert version is at a more costly $29.00 – We’ll have a review on the Glass windows version in the close to future.

External link : https://goo.gl/Ua404R | http://bit.ly/1TseWVa | http://tinyurl.com/y8dn8kmy | http://bit.do/dBYch | http://ow.ly/eCo930dQXpt

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