Several apple update issues come up as soon as Apple introduces a new update in the market. You will be able to fix common apple problems by simply making use of apple help and apple support. Customer across the globe can reach the certified apple technical support team through the apple support phone number and fix apple update issues in the least possible time. Once you call apple support, your call gets recorded at the apple telephone support helpdesk. Soon after that, you are provided with steps to troubleshoot apple update problems. You may as well dial the apple online help number to fix apple mail problem on your own.

The apple tech support phone number provides apple 24/7 support to all the new as well as old apple software support users. The apple customer support phone number is the easiest way out to receive support and fix common email problems. Visiting; too keeps you updated with the recent trends, issues and updates Apple has come up with. The apple customer service phone number will connect you directly to a contact number for apple support professional. The telephone support for apple mac executive will be readily available with not one but the different solution to fix apple mail not responding issues. Following are the steps the phone number for apple technical support in order to fix apple iOS update problem:-

Step #1: Firstly, Open the Mail app in OS X, click on the “Mail” option in the menu and go to “Preferences”

Step #2: Navigate the “Accounts” tab, and select the email account which is causing trouble, then click on the “Advanced” button.

Step #3: Find the box titled “Automatically detect and maintain account settings”, and then follow the below-mentioned instructions as per the situation:

  • Check the box if it is unchecked and then re-launch the Mail app
  • If the box is already checked, uncheck it, then close and re-launch Mail app,
  • Now again go back to the “preferences” setting and check the box again, and re-start the Mail app.

Step #4: Repeat this process for other email accounts if they too are causing the same trouble.

Once you call apple support phone number, the mac mail login failed query will be fixed in no time at all. Apart from the apple tech support number, you will also be able to fix the apple mail not working problem through apple online support. Easy to understand steps to troubleshoot apple mail problems are provided to fix apple email issues by the certified apple technicians. There is a solution available for all of the apple related queries such as; mac mail not sending stuck in outbox, how do I fix my email on my mac and how to fix the server error. So, just do not think twice to contact apple support center and fix the apple mail not responding problem in the fastest possible time.

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