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It’s the first any known virus has been reported for Apple Mac machines. This new virus is KeyRanger, which is a ransomware virus for Mac OS X affecting BitTorrent software:

These ransomware viruses trick you to open trusted file, which its not. This lets ransomware infect your machine and operates to control servers for an encryption key. This KeyRanger Ransomware virus encrypts most of the system files, directories, extensions etc automatically.

What happens if you get infected?

If you try to open any of the .encryptedfiles, you’ll be confronted with random-looking binary garbage.

In fact, because your files have been strongly encrypted using the AES algorithm, they are indistinguishable from random garbage.

If you don’t have a backup from which you can restore your scrambled files, the only practical way to get them back, as far as we can see, is to follow the instructions in the README_FOR_DECRYPT.txt file:

The URL you are sent to is a .onion address, a website visible only inside Tor, better known as the hidden web or the dark web:

If you login with your personal authentication ID, you’ll get to the main pay page, where you can see how much you’ve deposited so far; once you’ve paid up, the [Download decrypt pack] button will light up, and you can fetch the software and the decryption key you need to get your files back:

What to do?

Consider running a Mac anti-virus that can automatically scan the files you download before you run them for the first time, and that can check out the websites you try to access before your browser gets to them.

Make regular backups and keep a recent backup copy offline, and preferably also offsite. OS X’s Time Machine backup software can create encrypted backups, so even if the disk they’re stored on is stolen, your backup is safe from prying eyes. That means you can safely exchange backup disks with a friend or family member on a regular basis, so that you each provide the other’s offsite storage.

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