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Are you confronting with duplicate events and appointments displaying on your phone or system? If your answer is affirmative, then you need to take this issue very seriously. This situation becomes very irritating for Apple customers, if a customer has more than one device in his or her home, and then automatically is shows duplicated events on their PC. If Apple customers are receiving duplicate events or calendars on their iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC or Mac, after setting up iCloud Calendar, then they need to contact certified expert Apple technicians. Issues with iCloud calendars tend to come in two ways. The first is that a customer has duplicate calendars or duplicate events. Apart from this, the second is that you have issues in synchronizing events. In this case, these problems occur only if you are sharing your calendars with others.

When a customer uses Apple’s iCloud service to maintain his or her calendars, then he or she sees duplicate entries. These types of issues crop up when local calendars appear on iPhone along with calendars on iCloud.  In order to remove duplicates, you can easily delete individual entries or local calendars. Apart from this, a customer can call to tech expert regarding Apple support for iCloud. Let’s find out a few simple strategies to fix problem related to duplicates iCloud synced events, these include:

  • First of all refresh calendars. Choose view > Refresh calendars in the Calendar app. This will bring calendars back into sync.
  • Need to log out of iCloud on connected devices and back in. If you’re using iCloud for various numbers of services and for syncing, a customer has to answer questions when he or she log out
  • Need to check your lag across devices, in order to make sure that your App and iCloud are not synced.

The above mentioned steps will help you to fix issues resolving with duplicates events. If you confront other technical issues unluckily with Apple product, then you can contact Apple iCloud support number.

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