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A laptop with no warranty package in any way can be the most challenging machine when it fails to meet your requirements. Then what should you do in this case? Is it a sensible way to replace the hard drive, or should you upgrade its RAM?

And if you do all these things after spending much of your dollars, yet the issue still comes up before you; it is worth thinking about an alternate that can help you enhance the functionality of your MacBook Pro in an impressive way.

A small change in your old MacBook Pro can result in the blazingly fast process. It may really be surprising for the MacBook users who tried all the possible methods to increase the efficiency of their MacBook Pro.

Solid State Drive, which is a form of flash storage, is definitely a worthwhile option that you can use to upgrade your MacBook Pro in an unbelievable manner. SSDs are expensive to some extent, but buying a new laptop instead of upgrading your old one with SSD appears nonsense.

With the help of Apple support guide for MacBook pro, you will find it easy to upgrade your laptop.

Here the installation procedures are as follow:

You will require –

  • An SSD
  • SATA-to-USB cable or dock
  • Small screwdriver to open your laptop
  • Torx head screwdriver for disassembling the hard drive
  • SuperDuper

In addition to these hardware stuffs, you need to be in touch with a reliable MacBook Pro technical support provider who can offer you the best solution in case of any technical hurdle.

First Step: Connect the SSD

Firstly, you should start the procedure by connecting SSD to your laptop. Once you connect the drive to your laptop, you should execute Disk Utility, and highlight your drive located in the left sidebar.

Afterward, you should move forward and go to the Erase tab, and click Erase. You don’t need to make change in the settings; provided that you don’t want to rename it. And thus the SSD is now prepared for the next step.

Second step: Take out the hard drive

If you couldn’t prepare the SSD, you should shut down your laptop and unscrew it to remove the hard drive. You should use regular screwdrivers to open your laptop.

Once you take off its cover, you should gently remove the hard drive from your laptop with the utmost care. Instead you can access MacBook Pro technical support team so as to find the best support while removing hard drive from your laptop.

Third step: Install SSD

Now you have to attach SSD to that port where the internal hard drive was attached. Fix the drive with utmost care and now you can cover up the laptop using a proper screwdriver.

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