No computer user is unknown to the phrase “Blue Screen of Death.” Whether you are using Windows or MacBook, this is the most common situation for all computer users. If you think Mac is quite immune to the Black Screen error, then you are wrong. The MacBook blue screen on startup is one of the most frequent errors in Mac, which takes place not because of any advanced technical reasons.

If you wonder whether a MacBook can develop such sorts of issues, then you must visit the Apple support pages or related forum platforms where a number of Mac users have posted their experiences.

As the reasons for MacBook Pro blue screen of death on startup error are not as much advanced as the issue appears to be, you can easily resolve it using a slew of troubleshooting procedures. Get certified MacBook support by dialing a toll-free MacBook support phone number in a real time. Some experienced professionals are offering their real time customer support services to help the users in fixing such irritating errors.

Reasons of Blue Screen error in MacBook:

  • Power issue
  • Damaged Disk Permissions or Login Items
  • Conflict between applications of software
  • When waking up your MacBook from the sleep mode
  • Outdated Mac

These are the main reasons why you may confront the Blue Screen on your MacBook. When it comes to fixing the issue, you should firstly address the points mentioned above. Start from the power connection—make sure your MacBook is properly connected to power adaptor. You should also check out the battery cycle. To do so, you need to go to the Menu and click on About this Mac and then System Report. You can check out the battery cycle in this window. Sometimes, your MacBook starts freezing or showing blue screen due to inefficient battery.

On the other hand, you should reset NVRAM or PRAM on your MacBook. Here, you may require a certified technician for resetting PRAM in your MacBook. Get a real time MacBook technical support from certified Apple professionals for all types of solutions in a real time.

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