The beach ball, the Spinning Pinwheel of Death—whatever you like to name it, such situations happening to your MacBook is not a good sign. If you see these things on your Mac screen, then it means that your MacBook is freezing or not responding. Since it appears to be quite irritating for the Mac users, you can overcome the issue easily with the help of some technical steps.

There may be so many reasons why you confront the MacBook not responding spinning wheel error. Most of the moments, it happens because some applications are causing incompatibility errors. Or you may also experience such irritating moment after updating your Mac. MacBook not responding after update is a quite a common situation that may come your way after every update.

But, it is no longer challenging to fix as you can avail reliable and certified MacBook online support services to unfreeze your MacBook.

Here are some important technical tips that you can use to fix the freezing issues in MacBook:

  • Force-quit the frozen applications
    • Press Command>Option>Esc to open up the Force Quit menu
    • Select the applications or programs that are eating into the CPU memory and stop them
  • Unplug peripherals
  • Restart your Mac to check if the issue has been resolved
  • If the issue continues, then go through the following steps:
    • Check if the issue is caused by any programs or it is in the computer system
    • Check the space
    • Update all applications
    • Do a safe boot
    • Repair the boot disk in recovery mode
  • Once you complete the process, you should check if the issue is resolved

Since these steps are very effective to fix such issues. Even if you are again facing the error QuickBooks pro not responding to anything, then you would better contact MacBook technical support by dialing a toll-free MacBook support phone number. The technicians would help you find a real time solution for fixing the freezing errors.

✆ Apple 800-786-0581

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