MacBook Stopped Working/Opening After macos Sierra Update

Although the Mac hard drive boot failure is no longer an odd event for the Mac users, but it is somehow a challenging situation for the ordinary users to deal with. So many users have reported that their MacBook Pro won’t boot after high Sierra update. Most of the users have encountered the issue just after the update process completed. It may seem tough and challenging, but you must not worry-just relax, and go through this post to find the solutions. There are also some useful options to go for if you are new to such things.

MacBook Starting Problems After Updating MacOS Sierra

You must understand that your MacBook won’t boot after High Sierra update because of some incompatibility issues. You Mac might not be ready for the updates. While troubleshooting the issue, you should firstly start checking whether the Mac hard drive boot failure has happened due to the incompatibility issues.

If you are new to all these things, or if you want to fix the issue instantly without any additional hindrances, then get a reliable Apple MacBook support by dialing a toll-free Apple MacBook support phone number in a real time. It helps you contact the certified Apple professionals instantly. Once you are connected to the help center, you can choose a particular support subscription plan for your MacBook.

How to fix the MacBook boot error:

  • Reset SMC to resolve Mac won’t boot after Sierra update
    • Turn off your Mac and remove all plugs and cables
    • Wait for some minutes
    • And plug in all the cables and start your Mac
    • Check if the issue is happening again
  •    Force to restart your Mac and reset NVRAM
    • Press and hold Power button to turns off your Mac
    • Wait a few seconds and restart your Mac
    • Hold Command + Option + P + R keys during the time when your Mac is booting-it helps you reset NVRAM
    • Reboot computer again to check if the issue is solved.

These are the most common and effective steps to fix the Mac won’t boot issue. If you are still facing the error on your MacBook, then you should now contact an experienced technician for a real time MacBook technical support.

Before you implement the following advanced procedures, you would better back up your important data files. Here’re some other steps for fixing Mac boot error:

  • Start Mac in safe mode
  • Use Disk Utility to restore Mac from Recovery Mode
  • Run Terminal to repair Mac hard drive boot error
  • Now, reinstall macOS Sierra

So, this is how you can fix the error in your MacBook. For more details, explore our blogs and articles on MacBook errors and updates.

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