In most cases, you may have come across some error messages when you try to open a particular file on your Mac OS X operating system. And it looks almost impossible to open the file extension, whereas you duly understand that the file that you want to open is well compatible with the Mac application.

But you must not get dismayed in such conditions as there is a way out to help you find an instant solution to help you open a particular file extension on OS X. In any condition, if you want to open a file forcefully, it is very much feasible with the help of some reliable methods.

But above, it can only be possible when you use a right application for a right file extension. For instance, if you want to open a text file, then you must choose a text editor instead of selecting an image editor. On the other hand, if you need Apple phone number dial here for help opening file forcefully in Mac OS X.

So now you have got an idea how the procedure works, let’s walk through the entire procedure showing how a file extension can be opened forcefully on OS X operating system.

Step 1

Maintain the file and keep it usable which, you want to open, together with the application in which you have to open it.

Step 2

Press and hold the keys Command+Option when dragging the file into the application.

Step 3

Once you successfully place the file into application, you are ready to open the file.

As pointed out previously in this write-up, the methods mentioned above can work perfectly almost all the time. But it all depends on the file extension and the application in which you want to open it. There should be a good coordination between the file extension and application you have selected.

Though these procedures don’t seem to be much tricky, yet you should seek for Apple technical support in case of any issue. For Apple support number visit here to find phone number to contact certified Apple technicians to address all the issues that you may come across while opening a file forcefully.

There are some certified technicians who can help you find out the best solution at affordable cost in a real time. If you get any obstacle in this process, you would better contact an experienced professional and resolve the issue.

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