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Now Windows 10 is readily available – it means you can now benefit all the impressive features and applications on your Mac. It really sounds amazing to learn the Mac users can now use two different virtual assistants – Windows’ Cortana and Apple’s Siri – simultaneously on a single platform.

In this article, we will talk about the way how to set up and run Windows 10 on a Mac machine with the help of Boot Camp. But remember it is not a mere technique to enjoy Windows 10 on your Mac.

Windows 10 boot camp requires you to go through a set of verified procedures so as to run Windows 10 on Mac successfully. Before executing the procedures, you need to have your system prepared for the installation.

System requirements:

  • Support software installed with Boot Camp
  • Upgraded edition of OS X installed on a Mac
  • 2GB RAM
  • Minimum 30GB space on the hard drive
  • Genuine copy of Windows 10
  • minimum of 16GB USB flash drive to install Windows 10 using required Boot Camp
  • Windows 10 ISO files (If the downloaded copy of Windows 10 doesn’t have ISO image)

Steps to install Windows 10 OS on Mac:

  • Start Boot Camp driver
  • Check both the options seen in the Boot Camp dialog box
  • Put in the USB flash drive and choose your Windows 10 .iso file
  • Hit on the Continue
  • Don’t get panic if you get a warning message saying “your flash drive will be formatted”. Click on Continue to further the process
  • Now wait for a while, the Boot Camp Assistant takes some minutes while copying Windows files
  • Once the USB drive is prepared, you can now create Windows partition
  • Boot Camp starts rebooting your computer
  • You get Windows setup
  • Put in product key, and choose the newly-created Windows partition if asked
  • After completing the login account, you can now install Boot Camp for your Mac
  • Finally, once the drivers are set up and the system is restarted, you have now Windows 10 for Mac installed successfully.

In some conditions, you may not be able to avail some applications. It is not a big a problem as you can resolve the issue easily. You should firstly restart your computer system and then use it again – probably you may not experience the issue. Else, you can also contact a reliable Mac technical support.

External link : https://goo.gl/evLyhq | http://bit.ly/2kzmZE1 | http://tinyurl.com/ycqeo2kt | http://bit.do/dBX9W | http://ow.ly/XJ2I30dQWFS

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