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Microsoft corporation has released Windows 10 Home Premium, Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Ultimate. After in-house research Microsoft made Windows 10 more safe and highly optimized operating system with improved performance. This all new Windows 10 is much more faster, responsive and highly optimized than its predecessor. Now you can expeprience same level of satisfaction of using Windows 10 on Apple Mac machine using boot camp software. You get Cortana in Windows 10 with speeach recgnition features helping Windows 10 customers experience amazingly fast and best Windows browsing experience. Apple Boot Camp helps install all Windows operating system including latest Windos 10 OS on Apple Mac devices. Get the best out of boot camp software by installing Windows 10 on Apple MacBook machine or other Mac machines.

Following are the Apple Boot Camp drivers for Windows 10 and different ways to use Boot Camp to install Windows 10:

  • Boot Camp Drivers
  • Features of Boot Camp drivers
  • Install Windows 10 using Boot Camp
  • Boot Camp Drivers

Boot Camp helps Windows 10 installation on Mac using Windows installation disc or USB devices. Once the Windows 10 is installed, you can use either Windows 10 or Mac OS X on your Apple PC or Mac computer. It helps to create the Windows partition and restart your Mac using your Windows installation disc. Then, you need to install software drivers, which help Windows to work with your Mac system.

Features of Boot Camp drivers

Boot Camp drivers identify issues with remote mouse and console. It can utilize the Magic Mouse with Windows 10, and issues with the trackpad on Mac PC. When you introduce Windows 10 through Apple Boot Camp, overhaul is suggested. You require a genuine 32-bit Windows 10 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate circle. Boot Camp drivers duplicate the Files between Mac OS X and Windows. These drivers comprise of Boot Camp.

Install Windows 10 using Boot Camp

For utilizing Boot Camp with Windows 10, you require an Intel-based Mac, A Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard establishment circle. This may be either a Mac OS X plate included with an obtained duplicate or a Mac OS X Install Disk 1 from a Mac that had Mac OS X v10.6 pre-introduced. Furthermore requires Boot Camp Update 3.1 and a USB console and mouse, or an implicit console and trackpad. On the off chance that you are introducing 32-bit then you require 16GB free hard plate space and in the event that you are utilizing 64-bit then you require 20GB space.

Intelli Atlas’s Tech Support Services

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