Apple’s ace web browser Safari comes with every Mac products and contributes in enhancing the web browsing experience of all who use Apple devices to bring the best out of them. With high energy efficiency and extreme speed, Safari emerges as the best tool to have internet access. Pop-up ads are advertisements that automatically appear on Safari window and to control them on macOS Sierra or iPhone, you actually need to reset Safari with updated software. Whenever such a thing happens, Mac users can take help from Apple support page. If you have serious issues of pop ups on your browser, just visit Apple support page for help on iPhone Safari popup virus or remove adware from Mac. You can also ask 3rd party technical support companies, like Intelli Atlas, for having the best support for resetting the browser.

Apple technical support for Mac products from 3rd parties can make a real difference when you need to remove adware from Safari or Chrome. As an Apple user, you can dial Apple support number here for help on how to remove adware from Mac chrome or how to reset Safari on Mac. Following is a discussion on stopping pop-up ads on macOS Sierra that runs Safari browser:

  1. First of all, what you need to do is to update the web browsing software on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It is vital to do as software updates consist of enhancements to control pop-up ads.
  2. Locking pop-up ads on your Mac.

Once you are done with the software update, it is high time to reset Safari on macOS Sierra to stop pop up ads. To do so,

  • Initiate things by closing any pop-ups opened on your Mac.
  • If your Mac is running Safari 9.1: You need to press the Close button on the pop-up. You can also close the entire Safari window if you are unable to close or get rid of pop-up reappears.
  • If your Mac is running older Safari versions: If the pop-up displays a “Don’t show more alerts from this webpage” checkbox, then you need to choose the checkbox before you plan to close down the pop-up.
  • If your Mac is running latest Safari versions: You need to force Safari to close when the pop-up won’t close in Safari 9. When you open Safari, limit the Shift key while Safari opens. As it will assist you stop the browser from reopening any windows by default.
  • Finally, in the Safari menu, you need to select About Safari to check the version number.

These steps are suggested by Apple support professionals and likely to help you set the browser up. If not, meet Intelli Atlas technicians who instantly resolve all sorts of browser related issues via a remote technical support service.

With affordable support solutions, these technicians match your IT needs and overcome your expectations effectively for resetting the Safari browser in macOS Sierra.

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